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Client Testimonals


I’m always grateful to my clients for their spontaneous feedback.  My reward for my work has always been my clients’ lives well lived.

“Yesterday was my birthday. It’s the first birthday I’ve had since 2014 where I didn’t hate myself/wasn’t dealing with depression – it was awesome!

“I wanted to say thank you. I know I’ve said it before but I’m so grateful for your time and expertise. You have played a really significant role in getting me to where I am. Thank you, thank you, thank you. “

LB – Depression, Break-up


“I think you listen very well, your understanding of the concerns and how you addressed them.  […] I’ve been seeing the psychologists over a year, I feel I’ve benefited more over the last 3 weeks seeing you.  [And Negative feedback?]    You make me laugh to much 😂”

DG – Trauma and Panic Attacks


“I have never done any thing like this before! What you do is amazing. I’m in shock that it’s working to be honest. Much appreciated.”

GP, Anxiety


“I just wanted to let you know how much better I feel, quite extraordinary, my enjoyment of life and my enthusiasm and drive are all back and probably increased. I’m doing yoga every morning and riding too. My self esteem is also better and [partner] and I are great.”

JD, Addiction


“Thank you for 3 fantastically, transformative, and importantly fun, sessions. Thanks to you, I now see and experience the world in an entirely different way, am more at ease with those I love and myself, and feel more confident about the future than I at any other time in my life. I shall be contacting some of my friends, fellow survivors of trauma, suggesting they contact you to see if you can help them, as you have helped me. Please feel free to pass this message on to others, as it may reassure and encourage fellow travellers to reach out. Thanks again and best wishes.

PH, Anxiety


“Happy new year! Just wanted to say thank you for your help last year, have been reflecting on how much of a difference it has made since first coming to see you last January.”

HD, Anxiety


“I really enjoyed today’s session. It was intense.. and I felt exhausted at first but I have to say.. right now I feel very clear headed and content! ”

RS, Panic Attacks


“Simon is an excellent therapist and I am hugely grateful to him for the therapeutic work he has done with me to help free me from the personal beliefs and issues that have held me back in some way in my life.  He offers a wonderful combination of excellent technical therapeutic knowledge combined with genuine compassion and understanding for others.  He has a strong motivation to altruistically help others and goes the extra mile to achieve that.  As a highly experienced therapist myself I know what to look for when choosing a therapist to help me resolve my own personal issues and Simon is absolutely who I choose to help me. Thank you Simon”

FN, Trauma


“After 10 years of suffering extreme anxiety when flying I visited Simon after a google search on the advice of a friend. In one 90 minute session with Simon my life has changed. I got to the core of my fear and unlocked a trauma that I wasn’t aware had impacted me so deeply. I fly frequently now with ease and have processed my phobia in a logical way that connected with me. I recommend Simon to anyone and everyone.”

Scott, HR Director/Fear of Flying


“Simon has helped me enormously to shift and change some of that old baggage that was popping up and holding me back in certain areas of my life. Since our work together my business focus has shifted and I have greater clarity on the right direction.  My health and happiness has been on the up and up since our sessions. I would highly recommend Simon.”



” Just wanted to let you know that the improvement continues and I’m standing even better the last few days.  Still have odd glitches but they don’t prolong as long. Onwards and upwards.  This improvement is down to you and what you did for me so thank you.”

YV – Psychosomatic Pain/Trauma


“Simon is a brilliant therapist, who somehow knows exactly what’s needed to help you find your way out of a problem.  I always felt very comfortable working with him, and am very happy to recommend his services.  I wouldn’t hesitate to see him again if I needed to.



“I cannot recommend Simon highly enough.  His ability to get straight to the issues is incredible.  He is a master at his profession.”



“Simon is a wonderful therapist, easy to talk to and makes you feel at ease with the process.  Would highly recommend.”



“If you don’t believe hypnosis works then go prove yourself wrong…or Simon will.”



“Thanks for all your help and for always being so generous with your time and attention.  I’ve let go of a lot of things and I definitely feel a lot more comfortable in my own skin (that’s a big thing for me) and as a massive bonus, the session we spent preparing the [hypnosis track] was hugely valuable. …. So thank you for all of that – you are a brilliant therapist and a really lovely human being.”

NB – Anxiety


“Without sounding mushy, today I felt as though I was walking on a rainbow all day and felt so free and all without having to rehash the gory details to you during the session…. I think I will put on hold my proposed ‘talking therapies’ [NHS prescribed].   I truly believe I can learn more from you than from the generic NHS pillar to post routine. …. The decision is made.  My priority is to complete the sessions with you.”

EK – PTSD/Abusive Relationships


“Thank you so much for the guided meditation/hypnotherapy. I’ve been listening to it every day and loving it.  It’s filled with such simple but beautiful intention and possibility.  It’s colouring my life and really seems to be working to reboot my tired old brain…  Thank you so much Simon, it’s a beautiful thing and I really appreciate your kind help.”

MW – PTSD/Depression & Anxiety


“… just to let you know I have been listening to the [hypnosis track] and it is working, I got through my first year with a high 2.1 with your help so thanks for that.”

LW – Performance Anxiety/Stress