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The cycle of addiction is one of the main causes of people waking up after decades and realising their life has passed them by.  Whether it’s taking a toll on your wallet, your relationships, your job or your life, a short set of sessions at Freedom Hypnosis might help to turn that around.

Hypnotherapy has been used for decades as an effective and lasting treatment for all kinds of addictive behaviour. Now, the development of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, allows for a more tailored, faster and more effective treatment for you.

Because most addictions share a common structure, hypnotherapy is effective no matter what the subject of the addiction. Cigarettes, alcohol, mephedrone, GBL, crystal meth, speed, MDMA, shopping, food, sex, porn, the internet, etc. all respond to hypnosis. In some cases you might need to stop completely and in other cases reducing the compulsion is what’s needed. There’s no judgment at Freedom Hypnosis, my purpose is to help return freedom to all areas of your life so you can lead the life you choose, free of negative compulsions.

The treatment will involve a detailed session to understand the habits and triggers that underlie your particular addiction and as well as getting clear on what you want in your life instead. Both aspects are essential in treatment. A smoker, for instance, might smoke to reduce stress and to be social. By only addressing the smoking, you leave two reasons for the addiction to return. A permanent solution involves treating all the pillars that support a problem not just the obvious ones and for that we need to identify exactly how your addiction affects your whole life.

In addition to the initial consultation, addiction usually requires a couple of sessions of actual treatment to break-down the parts of the problem.  It’s often necessary to remove any active depression or anxiety because these are common causes of addiction when the drug is used to remove the symptoms of the disease. Whilst some issues can be treated in one single session, you should expect a handful of treatments in most cases for addiction issues. Even if the addiction is used to hide from a painful chronic past, it’s likely that this can be dealt with quickly.

In most cases the addictive behaviour is usually chosen to reduce a low mood, or by the person trying to regain or restore a certain level of prior happiness. Unfortunately as we all learn, using external stimulants to change internal emotions is a poor long-term solution and usually ends-up making things much worse, a problem known as the ‘Therapeutic Paradox’. The intention is pure, but the behaviour is badly chosen. Successful treatments need to address these issues, so come with an open enquiring mind. Your full participation in these sessions is essential. Some people choose hypnosis because they believe they can just turn up, be put ‘under’, and have the hypnotist do all the work. They expect to leave the clinic completely different but without any effort or insight. This is somewhat unrealistic. Our sessions will involve plenty of discussion, exercises, hypnosis and maybe even homework!

Whether you’re desperate or just feel you’re beginning to lose your balance in this area of your life, hypnosis can help. This brief structured treatment is designed to enable you to put your addiction in your past and so return you to a normal healthy emotional balance. Free to be you again.