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Towards the end of last summer (2020) I had the wonderful opportunity to do an interview with James Roycroft-Davis on ‘The Rut’ podcast. This is a highly successful podcast that focuses on (mostly) men’s mental health with the intention of helping them to open up about their struggles. The series has included many top national and international sports stars as well as the politician and mental health advocate Alastair Campbell.

The interview is brutally honest about James’ fall into a dark suicidal time and about his recovery through his therapy with me.  He also struggled for some time with thoughts he might be gay (he’s not….) but the thoughts tortured him.  (James certainly isn’t homophobic, this was a mental health issue, nothing to do with his sexuality.)  

The interview addresses many of the issues that arise in therapy and also covers some of the fallacies around hypnotherapy treatment.  Much of the treatment style discussed, regarding the nature of thoughts, is from the Psychological Illusion Model by Jorgen Rasmussen which can create profound and lasting changes within a few sessions.



Please support The Rut podcast by subscribing to James’ regular posts. The interviews are bracing in their honesty and bravery.


Here’s links to the podcasts for Apple/Spotify and Google: