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Do You Have PTSD That Needs Treating With Hypnotherapy?

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with PTSD or whether you suspect you’ve not been able to overcome a traumatic event in your life, there is help available. If you suffer from serious mood swings, find yourself reliving traumatic events, have intrusive thoughts, anger/irritability, hyper-vigilence, poor sleep, anxiety, and if this has been going on for longer than six months, unresolved trauma is likely to be the cause.

For many years there was little to be done for this type of problem, some people got over trauma, some didn’t. Thankfully, the last few years in psychology has been extremely rich in providing fast and effective treatments for a great number of trauma based conditions, even when decades has passed since the event and even if you’re not really sure what the event was! The problem condition is often triggered by something in the environment that shares a pattern with the traumatic problem, such as the noise of an ambulance or shouting, etc.


How Does Cognitive Hypnotherapy Treat PTSD?

No one type of treatment works for everybody so Cognitive Hypnotherapy combines a number of very effective treatments depending upon what you need. Nothing can change what happened to you, but we can change the way the event is encoded within your brain so that your unconscious is retrained to no longer care about the event. Typically, regression therapy can help most clients especially if the event was a long time ago. There are other light-trance treatments that come from NLP. Another very powerful and rapid treatment is Integral Eye Movement Therapy (similar to EMDR) which quickly drains power from the memory so it can no longer power the intrusive thoughts or mood swings. Once the old memory is dealt with, clients find their lives restart and they are quickly able to get back to what matters.


How Many Sessions Will it Take?

I see most people for between three and five sessions, sometimes longer if there are multiple issues that need resolving. Whilst I’ll use our first session to mostly collect information specific to your condition, I always try to begin treatment if possible. Emotional changes should be noticeable from the first session so you shouldn’t be left wondering whether it’s worked.

Whether you have questions or you are ready to book your session now, give me a call or drop me line today.


Simon A. Bates
MNCH(Acc) BSc Cog. Sci. MNLP